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Winning Tower Group Holdings Limited (08362)
Share Offer
The company is a food supplier focusing on processed raw and cooked food products in Hong Kong. Founded in 2004, they have over 12 years of experience in the food processing and trading industry. They have both wholesale and retail operations. All of their wholesale business are conducted in Hong Kong, and their wholesale customers include airline catering, restaurant, general catering and food processing operators.
Electronic Prospectus  http://www.wtgl.hk/en/ 


Offer Price: HKD 0.18 - 0.22
Market Capitalization: HKD 252 Million - 308 Million
Number of Offer Shares: 350,000,000
Number of Placing Shares: 315,000,000
Number of Public Offer Shares: 35,000,000
Board Lot: 20,000
Sponsor: Kingsway Financial Services Group Limited
Joint Bookrunners and Joint Lead Managers: Kingsway Financial Services Group Limited
Ping An Securities Limited


Online Application Deadline: 09:30 a.m. June 22, 2017 (Thursday)
Allotment Date: After 4:00 p.m., June 29, 2017 (Thursday)
Refund Date: June 29, 2017 (Thursday)
Date of listing: June 30, 2017 (Friday)


To apply for the IPO shares, please fill in and return this subscription form to BOOM by fax at (852) 2255 8300.

For IPO financing or any other enquires, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2255 8888.


Use the table set out below to calculate how many Offer Shares you want to apply for, and how much you must pay. According to the Prospectus, you must pay the Maximum Offer Price of HKD 0.22 per Share, plus brokerage fee of 1%, Stock Exchange trading fee of 0.005% and SFC transaction levy of 0.0027%. Amount payable set out below does not include HKD 100.00 Application Handling Charge.

Number of Shares
Applied for
Amount payable on
application (HKD)
20,000 4,444.34
40,000 8,888.68
60,000 13,333.02
80,000 17,777.36
100,000 22,221.69
200,000 44,443.39
300,000 66,665.08
400,000 88,886.78
500,000 111,108.47
Number of Shares
Applied for
Amount payable on
application (HKD)
600,000 133,330.16
700,000 155,551.86
800,000 177,773.55
900,000 199,995.25
1,000,000 222,216.94
2,000,000 444,433.88
3,000,000 666,650.82
4,000,000 888,867.76
5,000,000 1,111,084.70
Number of Shares
Applied for
Amount payable on
application (HKD)
6,000,000 1,333,301.64
7,000,000 1,555,518.58
8,000,000 1,777,735.52
9,000,000 1,999,952.46
10,000,000 2,222,169.40
20,000,000 4,444,338.80
30,000,000 6,666,508.20
35,000,000 (1)7,777,592.90

(1) Maximum number of Public Offer Shares you may apply for.


  Year ended 31 Dec
(HKD Thousand) 2015 2016 -
Turnover 112,865 133,578
Profit before tax: 8,639 7,800
Net Profit: 8,311 4,703
EPS: - -
Sources: Prospectus # On pro forma basis


Offer Price: HKD 0.18 - 0.22
Market Capitalization: HKD 252 Million - 308 Million
Prospective PE: -
Adjusted NAV per share: HKD 0.072 - 0.079
Sources: Prospectus # On pro forma basis


In applying for any IPO, you are strongly advised to make investment decisions based on the contents of the Prospectus. Potential applicants should note that the information above is for reference * only.

To obtain Prospectus and application forms, please come to BOOM's office at 25/F., AIA Tower, 183 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong.

Information on Boom website is not part of the Prospectus. The securities are offered solely on the basis of the information in the Prospectus.

A Special Note:

Please be informed that it is a regulatory requirement that investors shall not subscribe for shares under both the public subscription and placing tranches of the Initial Public Offer (IPO). Applications in the public subscription tranches from investors who had received shares in the placing tranche, and vice-versa, will be rejected.

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