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    Company Name Application Deadline
    China Rundong Auto Group Limited (01365) 5 August 2014 9:30 am
    Code (US) Last (USD) % Change Volume
    SPY$ 196.98+0.02%103,993,340
    EEM$ 44.60-0.49%54,177,568
    XLF$ 22.88+0.44%39,822,057
    VXX$ 29.08+1.61%36,671,597
    QQQ$ 96.98+0.39%35,324,864
    as at 31 Jul 2014 04:04 HKT
    Code (HK) Last (HKD) % Change Volume
    03988$ 3.72-0.27%454,189,398
    01398$ 5.33+0.19%317,309,739
    00939$ 5.98+0.34%215,845,667
    01288$ 3.79+0.80%185,321,522
    00857$ 10.18-2.49%164,903,988
    as at 31 Jul 2014 15:59 HKT
    Asia Commentaries
    31 July 2014 (Thursday)

    MY Market: Scomi Energy plans to raise RM140.5m, part for repaying loan - Kenanga

    KR Stock: No accidents in Autopia - KITC

    MY Market: Astral Supreme proposes capital reduction, rights issue and diversification - Kenanga

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    Asia Company Reports
    31 July 2014 (Thursday)

    [KR] Hanmi Pharm Co Ltd: Mixed effects of higher R&D costs, focus on longterm growth momentum - KITC

    [KR] KEPCO Plant Service & Engineering Co Ltd: Getting a lift from "Choinomics" stimulus - KITC

    [KR] Daewoong Pharma: Gradual earnings improvement - KITC

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