Global Retail Investor Survey

27 May 2019

Get 1 Free Trade, just for completing the online survey
Both existing and new clients can enjoy!

The survey is closed. Thank you for your participation.

The survey result will be released on MONEX BOOM website on 19 June 2019 2:00 PM HKT.
Survey is currently open until 06 June 2019, 4:00 PM HKT.
(The survey may close earlier if the number of responses reaches our goal.)
Terms and conditions applied. Click here for details.
Your Views on Market Movements

The Global Retail Investor Survey is targeted to look at the market sentiments based on the views of individual investors from all around the world.

The regular report will show investors' attitude towards movements of global equities, performance of regional stocks, attractiveness of varies sectors and commodities.

Complimentary Reward for Your Participation in Global Retail Investor Survey ("the Offer") - Terms and Conditions
  1. The Offer is provided by Monex Boom Securities (H.K.) Limited.
  2. The Offer is valid from 27 May 2019 to 30 June 2019 with both dates inclusive (the "Offer Period").
  3. The Offer is valid for all individual or joint or corporate clients who hold an account with MONEX BOOM ("Client"), excluding MONEX BOOM's staff and their family members, MONEX BOOM's corporate partners and clients introduced by them.
  4. Existing Clients will enjoy the Survey Reward (see item 6 below) if he/she:
    1. completes the online Global Retail Investor Survey on or before 06 June 2019, 4:00 PM HKT.; and
    2. enters his/her name, email address and MONEX BOOM account number at the end of the online survey.
  5. New Clients will enjoy the Survey Reward (see item 6 below) and a waiver of HK$200 Account Opening Fee if he/she:
    1. completes the online Global Retail Investor Survey on or before 06 June 2019, 4:00 PM HKT.; and
    2. enters his/her name and email address at the end of the online survey; and
    3. successfully opens an individual or joint account with MONEX BOOM, under the same name and/or email as registered, during the Offer Period.
  6. One Free Trade (Hong Kong market) for participating Global Retail Investor Survey ("Survey Reward")
    1. Clients who take part in the Global Retail Investor Survey can enjoy one (1) free Hong Kong buy or sell trade during the Offer Period.
    2. The Survey Reward is capped at a maximum trade value of HK$50,000.
    3. Clients are required to pay the full amount of trading commission and charges at the time of trading and will receive a refund on the trading commission being waived for the executed trade ("Commission Refund").
    4. Commission Refund will be credited to the client's MONEX BOOM account on or before 19 July 2019. Client's MONEX BOOM account must be valid and maintained at the time of the refund otherwise the Commission Refund will be forfeited.
    5. Commission Refund refers to the refund of trading commission charged. Other pass-on charges (including but not limited to stamp duty, levy, trading fee and CCASS fee) will not be refunded. The standard commission rate is 0.18%, minimum HK$88. Please click here for details of latest fees and charge.
    6. Clients will not receive cash compensation for unexecuted trade. The unused Survey Reward will be forfeited after the end of the Offer Period.
    7. The Survey Reward or Commission Refund is not transferable.
    8. The Commission Refund is a reduction of brokerage fee for stocks trading.
    9. "Hong Kong stocks" is defined as stocks listed on the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx), excluding MONEX BOOM Monthly Stock Saving Plan and IPO shares subscription.
    10. MONEX BOOM reserves the right to refuse the grant of the Survey Reward to the Client should it be discovered by MONEX BOOM that the Client's name or email address or MONEX BOOM account number is invalid or improperly obtained in the absolute opinion of MONEX BOOM.
  7. Each Client is eligible for the Offer only once. Clients cannot obtain additional benefits by opening another account.
  8. General
    1. All remarks and footnotes stated in any relevant promotional materials shall form part of the promotional terms and conditions.
    2. MONEX BOOM reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions or suspend or withdraw part or all of the benefits of the Promotion at any time at its discretion without prior notice.
    3. In the event of a dispute arising out of offers above, the decision of MONEX BOOM shall be final and conclusive.
    4. Where there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of the Terms and Conditions, the English version shall apply and prevail.
    5. No person other than the client and MONEX BOOM (which includes its successors and assigns) will have any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance to enforce or enjoy the benefit of any of the provisions of these terms and conditions.
Risk Disclosure:
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  2. Investors should not only base on this website alone to make any investment decision, but should read in detail of the relevant Risk Disclosure Statements.
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