Trading Central 'Technical Insight' and 'Value Analyzer'

Analyze the Multi-market Technically and Fundamentally
Trading Central “Technical Insight” and “Value Analyzer” are available to our clients for free. After login, at the top main menu, go to “Quotes & News” >> “Trading Central” to start using the tools.
Techincal Insight
Based on the years of experiences and intelligence, Trading Central created the “Technical Insight”. This tool helps users to find out and to analyze the bullish or bearish technical signals, patterns, support and resistant levels of stocks.
Value Analyzer
With Value Analyzer, you can either make good use of the pre-set criteria from the tool to quickly screen out the stocks matching value investing concept, or you can input your own sets of parameters to find out the value stocks you want to find.
Please refer to the following user manual for the tutorial of Trading Central "Technical Insight" and "Value Analyzer":

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