eDDA is Available Now

Electronic Direct Debit Authorization (eDDA) is now available on MONEX BOOM platform.

Once you set up eDDA on our platform, you can directly deposit the fund to your MONEX BOOM account within 5 minutes, anytime and anywhere1. No need to provide deposit proof, the fund will be credited to your account and you can use the fund to trade instantly.

Login from our MONEX BOOM Mobile Trading App
Tap the “Funds Mgmt” button on the bottom menu bar.

Funds Management eDDA
Tap “Funds Deposit” in Funds Management section.

Funds Management eDDA
Tap “eDDA Direct Funds Deposit” and then follow the instruction and input the required information to set up the eDDA.

Funds Management eDDA


  • Subject to the maintenance schedule, please refer to the latest announcement. eDDA service is only applicable to clients holding bank accounts in Hong Kong.
  • eDDA normally requires about 1-3 business days to set up, depends on the processing time of the banks. Some banks may not support eDDA. Please contact your bank for details.
Login from our MONEX BOOM Mobile Trading App2
Go to the menu bar at the bottom, select "Funds Mgmt" (Funds Management)

Funds Management eDDA
Select "Funds Deposit".

Funds Management eDDA
Select "eDDA Direct Funds Deposit [Authorized]".

Funds Management eDDA
Select the bank account to be debited.

Funds Management eDDA
Input the amount you want to deposit (min. HKD 200), and then tap "Deposit Now".

Funds Management eDDA Funds Management eDDA
Choose the authentication method to confirm the deposit instruction.

Funds Management eDDA
If you see the orange tick:
Your fund deposit instruction is submitted successfully. Please wait for a while and the deposited funds will be available shortly. Meanwhile, you can tap “Deposit Records” to check the funds deposit status. Under normal circumstances, the funds will be available within 5 minutes.

If you see the green tick:
Your funds deposit instruction is successfully executed and is reflected on the balance of your MONEX BOOM account.

Funds Management eDDAFunds Management eDDA

For enquiries, please fill in the online email form or write to service@boomhq.com. You can also contact MONEX BOOM Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2255 8888.