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Open an online stock trading account with us to capture investment opportunities in Asia and U.S. anytime, anywhere.

Open a BOOM account is EASY and SIMPLE:
  1. No boundaries. You can setup and operate your BOOM account wherever you are!
  2. Just mail to us! You can submit application by mail or in person.   More
  3. No minimum requirement. You can deposit any amount or keep any account balance as you like.
  4. Efficient! For a completed application, it normally takes only 1 to 2 business days to review & approve your BOOM account.
Start filling
the Account Opening Form

Account Opening Process

Step 1: Complete Account Opening Form


Only 5 to 10 minutes to submit application online*
Fill Online
Individual / Joint
Application Form
* Online form is avaliable for appling Individual / Joint Account only. If you wish to setup a corporate
   account, please click here to download the Account Opening Pack for Corporate Account.

You will be asked to print the application form after you confirm and submit it.
Tips to read before you start:

Step 2: Submit Application

It's easy and simple to setup a BOOM online stock trading account. You can simply visit our office or mail-in your application form and supporting documents for account opening!

Apply in Person

Mail-in Your Application

Please follow the checklists below to prepare the supporting documents


When done, return your completed Account Opening form with
supporting documents to:

Monex Boom Securities (H.K.) Limited
Room 2501, 25/F, AIA Tower, 183 Electric Road, North Point,
Hong Kong

Step 3: Activate BOOM Account

Application Review and Approval (1 - 2 business days)
Upon receipt of your signed Account Opening Form and required supporting documents, we will review your application immediately.

You will be notified by email about your application status, and we will inform you if we require further information. It normally takes only one to two business days* to review and approve your BOOM account.

* If you are opening an Individual / Joint Account and attaching your personal cheques(s) for signature verification, we will deposit the cheque(s) after reviewing the submitted documentations. And your BOOM account will be activated within 1 business day the cheques(s) are cleared. Kindly note that only cheque(s) issued by Hong Kong licensed-banks are accepted. For details, refer to "Supporting Documents - 1. Signature & Identity Verification".

Account Activation
Once your BOOM stock trading account is approved, you will receive:

Fund your Account and Start Trading
You can now fund your account and start experiencing the convenience of stock trading with BOOM!

There is no minimum deposit or minimum account balance requirement! You are free to decide the amount of funds in your BOOM stock trading account.

Want to Know More?

We reserve the right to refuse any account application for whatever reason.

Personal data on an unsuccessful account applicant will normally be destroyed [six months] after rejection of the account application.

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