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Fees and Charges

Trading Commissions

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  • Through BOOM's sophisticated set-up, you can enjoy great value of service at a low commission rate.
  • No hidden charge! The complete list of BOOM's fees and charges are posted on the web.

If you find a service item not listed above, please contact us at (852) 2255 8888 or send us an email.

  1. Commission is charged on each order executed on the same day basis. For all U.S. trades, any price and / or quantity change for partially filled order will be treated as a new order and charged accordingly.
  2. When trading securities that settle in a currency other than its trading currency, you should be aware of the currency risk involved (including but not limited to exchange rate fluctuations) and the foreign exchange costs associated.
  3. If the transaction is NOT settled in HKD, Stamp Duty will be 0.1% of the gross amount.
  4. 0.002% out of the amount is the actual fee charged by CCASS

Last Update: Dec 2016.

All charges are subject to change without prior notice.