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Stocks can be one of the best ways to invest your savings, helping you keep ahead of inflation. By buying a stock, you own a piece of the business. The better the business does, the more your ownership stake will be worth.

Stock prices can move up or down. If you make the right decision, volatility in share prices provides you the opportunities to reap a return that beats other form of investments.
Why BOOM for stocks trading?

You can follow the market movement wisely and manage your investment effectively with our advanced trading platform and high quality services.
Multi-market trading Auto currency conversion
Trade stocks listed in over 15 exchanges in U.S. and Asia Pacific, via single account, on a web-based platform.

Trade with your money in any account currency. No need to convert currencies before placing an order.

Use unsettled funds across markets Securities margin financing
Switch stocks easily.
Use the unsettled funds to buy right after sold.

Use any stocks listed in Hong Kong, U.S., Japan, Singapore and Australia markets as collaterals.

Search stocks via BOOM

You can spot trends and potential market opportunities across 15 stock exchanges with our easy-to-use tools and rich resources.
BOOM flexible margin facilities

We also provide you flexible margin trading service, helping you magnify your investment power.

Features of BOOM Margin Account

    Can use stocks in H.K., U.S., JP, SG & AU markets as collaterals
    Flexibly Trade across 15 stock exchanges with margin facilities
    Only Calculate Interest on Settled Balance
    No Interest Charge on Standby Facilities

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