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American Depository Receipts (ADRs) allow the investors access to the international stock trading world with less effort. By investing in ADRs you can tap into the potential of both the emerging markets and the developed markets.

At BOOM, we provide a large selection of ADRs, ranging from the BRIC countries to Europe, helping you to quickly participate in broad market trend and diversify your portfolio globally.
What are American Depository Receipts?

American Depository Receipts (ADRs) issued by U.S. depositary banks, and each one represents a specific number of underlying ordinary shares of a non-US company. If you own an ADR, you have the right to obtain the share it represents.

ADRs are quoted and traded in USD in the U.S. market. The price of an ADR corresponds to the price of the underlying share in the home market, adjusted to the ratio of the ADRs to the underlying share.

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Benefit of trading ADRs

ADRs hold many unique features that attract the investors:

ADRs help you to spread your investment risk among foreign companies and international markets.
ADRs are easy to purchase as they trade like common stocks.
Cost effectiveness
ADRs eliminate many costs associated with directly investing in the issuer¡¦s home market.
BOOM ADRs search tool

With our easy-to-use ADRs search tool, you can set personal criteria in terms of region, industry and daily average volume from the categories to narrow the universe of ADRs.

ADRs Center

Over 1,600 ADRs in more than 50 countries available for your selection.

More powerful functions:
  • Price performance comparisons between ADRs and ordinary shares of the same company
  • News/Chart/Profile of the company

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